A Postcard from Hong Kong


Dear Sandra,

Hi and greetings from Hong Kong! I have never come across someone who asks about marriage and dating customs. HK has both Chinese traditional values and Western beliefs, so if you ask marriage here, it’d be kind of in-between. 

People are serious about relationships but also can tolerate divorce and other acts more commonly seen in the west. People also get married rather late here, usually after 30.


Distance travelled: 5,862 miles (9,433 kilometers)

Dating by bloodtype?

Real Heart Graphic

There’s a popular trend in Japan and Korea: dating by blood type. Rather than asking a potential partner for their star sign, daters might ask their suitors whether they’re AB+. The idea behind it is that (supposedly) your blood type affects your personality, making you more or less compatible to certain other blood types.

While it has as much scientific basis as a game of MASH (You will live in a mansion, marry Nate, have 6 kids and drive a Ferrari…), it’s fun to have a look.

Woman + Man

A + A = stable love and devotion
A + B = tough for the woman
A + O = ideal couple
A + AB = stable union with the man leading

B + A = argumentative
B + B = to each their own
B + O = harmonious couple
B + AB = man is cool; woman is hot

O + A = the woman must compromise a little more than the man
O + B = in sync couple
O + O = the woman leads, but is lonely
O + AB = a fantasy, dream-like couple

AB + A = they come close easily, but there’s a high likelihood of fights
AB + B = they complement each other, but some troubles along the way
AB + O = the best partner, but some concern for sudden clashes
AB + AB = they are on the same wavelength like a friend; energetic couple

Read more at Atlas Obscura: The Positive and Negative Sides of Japan’s Obsession with Dating by Blood Type.

Note: Compatibility equations are taken from this blog post.

Where are all the single men?

According to an interactive map from Jonathan Soma, they’re everywhere.

Single men outnumber single women across the country up until age 35.



From age 35 onward, the balance starts shifting toward more single women until about age 50, where single women strongly outnumber the men.


Play around with the interactive version here and see for yourself. You can adjust the slider to change the age range.

Note: From what I can tell ‘single’ here means ‘never been married’, rather than ‘not currently in a relationship’.

Dating Advice from Quiet Revolution


Quiet Revolution is a website started by Susan Cain, author of the bestseller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.

If the thought of meeting someone in a loud bar or going out clubbing sounds dreadful to you, you might like their articles on dating:

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An Introverts Guide to Breaking Up

Find Love By Embracing These Truths About Yourself


Reblog: 4 realities I faced while living with a hoarder

Here’s a good read from Amanda K., a new blogger at beligerentbetty.com .


hoarder-oldandnew-hoard-5248354-l Everystockphoto.com/fyunkie

I lived with a hoarder for almost two years before I finally managed to escape the situation.  Any other sane regular person would have jumped ship right away, but that was not an option available to me at the time. It was 2003, and I had just arrived to the United States with only two suitcases and $100 to my name. The person that I was to stay with was an old friend of my Uncle’s who was  allowing me to live with her partly out of charity.

At the time, I was just so grateful to finally be able to live in the US that I probably would have been happy living under a bridge in a cardboard box! Before I found out that I would be living in her house, I had a very naive image/dream of moving to either New York or Los Angeles and…

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Dealing with Emotions

Here’s a post by zombiedrew at The Zombie Shuffle about dealing with emotions. Check out his website for more thoughtful posts and insights about relationships.



Of the many roles I play in life, one of the most important is that I’m the father of two young boys. Being a parent is hard, harder than I ever imagined. And one of the hardest parts (in my opinion) is trying to teach my children to manage and regulate their emotions.

It’s easy to say that emotions are normal when we are dealing with positive emotions. Joy, laughter, curiosity, excitement, anticipation etc. But you can’t have positive emotions without also accepting the negative ones – things like anger, fear, guilt, despair, grief, shame and apathy.

We aren’t all one thing. We can’t always be happy, and we can’t always be positive. We need to accept all parts of ourselves, and be able to express them.

Recently I came across the following quote about anger:


I think this quote is perfect. Everyone gets angry sometimes. Anger is a normal…

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