Dating by bloodtype?

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There’s a popular trend in Japan and Korea: dating by blood type. Rather than asking a potential partner for their star sign, daters might ask their suitors whether they’re AB+. The idea behind it is that (supposedly) your blood type affects your personality, making you more or less compatible to certain other blood types.

While it has as much scientific basis as a game of MASH (You will live in a mansion, marry Nate, have 6 kids and drive a Ferrari…), it’s fun to have a look.

Woman + Man

A + A = stable love and devotion
A + B = tough for the woman
A + O = ideal couple
A + AB = stable union with the man leading

B + A = argumentative
B + B = to each their own
B + O = harmonious couple
B + AB = man is cool; woman is hot

O + A = the woman must compromise a little more than the man
O + B = in sync couple
O + O = the woman leads, but is lonely
O + AB = a fantasy, dream-like couple

AB + A = they come close easily, but there’s a high likelihood of fights
AB + B = they complement each other, but some troubles along the way
AB + O = the best partner, but some concern for sudden clashes
AB + AB = they are on the same wavelength like a friend; energetic couple

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Note: Compatibility equations are taken from this blog post.

OkCupid – The Deep End

OkCupid analyzes its users’ data and publishes insights in The Deep End.

Their recent article takes a look at the changes from 2005 to 2015, with some surprising results, starting with this question:

First Date

It’s a dramatic drop, but my first reaction was that this could be a reflection of online dating becoming more common, rather than a major shift in sexual behavior.

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