T.I.S.H.S.A.B.H. #1

I have a growing list of articles, video clips and books that I’ve been meaning to share, but haven’t for various reasons, such as a lack of enough content to turn it into a full post or just plain laziness.

I’ll now be posting these Things I Should Have Shared Already But Haven’t (abbreviated, for your convenience, as  T.I.S.H.S.A.B.H.) in a series of very brief posts.


In our first edition of T.I.S.H.S.A.B.H., we have this book:

Data, A Love Story

and the associated TEDtalk by the author:

It has dating. It has math. It should be on this blog.

An Introduction to Non-Attachment

I don’t know much about Buddhism and I’m not religious, but I completely support taking parts of religious teachings that speak to you and applying them to your own life, regardless of whether or not you accept their entire doctrine. This is what I’m trying out with the concept of non-attachment.

While writing this post, I tried to find a short YouTube video to explain non-attachment. I deeply regret it. All the clips featured soft-spoken, irritatingly calm people talking about how they received a “message from the universe” or had a “shift in planetary consciousness”.

Of course they included the obligatory close up shots of cherry blossoms set to a soundtrack of tinkling bells.

cherry blossoms

If this had been my first introduction to the idea of non-attachment, my reaction would have been RUN!!!

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Book Review: Conscious Dating


“Finding the love of your life and the life that you love.”

With its unappealing cover and awkward tagline, Conscious Dating didn’t look like it was worth the time needed to read its 600 pages, but I read it anyway. A year later, I read it again. Reading this book has been the single most helpful step in transforming my outlook on dating. While it’s certainly never going to be a best-seller, it has improved my confidence as a single person and helped me to believe I will eventually find a lasting relationship.

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