A Valentine’s Day Postcard


Japan has a slightly different approach to Valentine’s Day:

Hello Sandra,

I’m Junko from Japan. I love animals, walking, nature, traveling, tea & coffee, my lovely cats.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s common for Japanese women to give chocolates to men. Women are encouraged to express love to men by giving chocolates and other gifts.

Best wishes to all of you,

Junko ❤

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A Postcard from Germany


Hello Sandra,

As for relationships and dating, I wish I had known before that a person can be immensely charming, but still be posionous for you. I wish I had known before that words are worthless and if actions contradict words, it’s pointless to even try to save a relationship. I wish I had know that people never change. I wish I had known that love is such an incredible feeling 🙂

What about you? What have you learned from your experiences?

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Since this blog is already essentially about me learning from my experiences, I’ll pose her questions to you readers:

What have you learned from your experiences in dating and relationships?




A Postcard from Ukraine

Julia sent a postcard of Ukrainian embroidery:


Hello Sandra!

This is ‘rushnyk’ and it’s a very precious thing which symbolises love and unity of the family. Girls make it even nowa days and it’s an obligatory accessory at the Ukranian weddings.

Wish you all the best,
Julia from Kyiv

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A Postcard from Taiwan


“I’m from an island, Taiwan. 200 years ago, lots of Chinese moved to Taiwan. So our wedding custom is the same as China. Ancient females can’t choose their husband by themselves. And one path to decide their husband is ‘throw an embroidered ball.’ A rich man lets his daughter throw the ball from a tower. Then no matter who (man) catches it can marry with the lady. In the story the ball is always caught by the destiny man (who is poor, but he’ll become a great man). Then they will have a happy ending. Today, trusting ourselves is better than a ball absolutely. But I still think that is so romantic. =P”

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2 Postcards from Australia

Today I’ll share, not one, but two postcards from Australia that arrived on the same day.

koala postcard

First, Kay from Sydney writes:

Hullo Sandra,

I take it you are a young girl with ideals of romance, dating etc.  I remember those teenage days! I was so absorbed with my career and did not marry until 25 years of age, but chose the wrong one!! After my divorce and again more of a career person, waited another 10 years before I decided to go to Australia to work and guess what fell in love with a fellow passenger on board ship and I wasn’t expecting to remarry again. Life is very strange. The love bug bites at an time in your life!

All good wishes.


And second, some wise words from Kim, somewhere in New South Wales:

married rings postcard

Hi Sandra.

I have been married for 21 years. If I could give any advice it would be to let young people know that relationships have highs + lows. That is perfectly normal. Don’t give up when things seem tough. Also don’t assume your partner knows what you’re thinking. Speak up, talk things through.

All the best.


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A Postcard from the Netherlands

Today’s postcard comes from Pieter in the Netherlands:

Netherlands Postcard

“My name is Pieter and I’m living in the Netherlands in the city Rotterdam. I’m working in a Maritime Museum. My partner is already 23 years dead. It was my first love and I have no one I can find anymore. Now I’m living together with my cat and we are very happy. I wish you good luck and greetings from the Netherlands.”

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A Postcard from Spain


Today’s postcard comes from Spain:

“Hello Sandra,

Greetings from Collado, Villalba, a town near Madrid. My name is Francisco. I chose this nice postcard for you because I think it is in childhood when the most authentic love emerges and first dates are the most innocent of our lives.

Te deseo todo lo mejor ademas de un feliz verano y, por supuesto, feliz postcrossing. (I wish you the best, as well as a happy summer and, of course, happy postcrossing.)


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Another Postcard from Russia

Today’s postcard is another short story from Russia:

Russia Postcard

“My first date and kiss happened July 19, 2015. It was like a holiday romance. My birthday on January 19 and bday of my partner’s – 19 February! I met him, riding a horse! He worked there as an instructor and I love nature and animals. He rolled me in the coach like a princess and then called to meet and take a walk! I wish you a wonderful day!”

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