A Postcard from Poland

Here’s a cute story from Poland:


Hello Sandra!

My name is Agnieszka. I live in Poland. My first very important date was ages ago – in February ’85. In Poland there was a winter with a lot of frost (2° F) and snow then. We met in the ruins of the old castle and we kissed, ignoring the frost.

3.5 years later we got married in the monastery shown on this postcard. When we left the church, people were throwing coins for good luck. You have to collect them all, but I didn’t even notice them. 

So maybe I’m not very rich, but I’m still happy with the same man 🙂

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A few more postcards

Continuing on with our series of postcards, here are a few more for the week.

Given the topic of this blog, it might come as a surprise that I don’t usually enjoy things that are overly sentimental or romantic, but even I thought this card from Germany was adorable:


This postcard from Estonia is of the logo used in 2011, when Tallinn was the European capital of culture. I tried to find out why they chose this particular logo, but haven’t discovered anything yet.


This card from the UK shared a short story:


“My best date was the second date with my husband. We went to an REM concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Amazing night, amazing guy…. I married him! x”

Postcard of the week

Here’s another from Australia:


Hello Sandra,

I am very much for marriage :). As the years have passed, I have watched many people do their family trees and put family reunions together and I think in another 20-40 years there are going to be many disappointed people because they can’t track parents and grandparents, let alone further back.

I was a lucky one, found my life partner and never looked back :), 30 years this year.

Problems are easy to work out if you both have respect for each other and a determination to remember why you got married in the first place. I can only hope the same for our kids 🙂

Happy Postcrossing,

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A Valentine’s Day Postcard


Japan has a slightly different approach to Valentine’s Day:

Hello Sandra,

I’m Junko from Japan. I love animals, walking, nature, traveling, tea & coffee, my lovely cats.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s common for Japanese women to give chocolates to men. Women are encouraged to express love to men by giving chocolates and other gifts.

Best wishes to all of you,

Junko ❤

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A Postcard from Germany


Hello Sandra,

As for relationships and dating, I wish I had known before that a person can be immensely charming, but still be posionous for you. I wish I had known before that words are worthless and if actions contradict words, it’s pointless to even try to save a relationship. I wish I had know that people never change. I wish I had known that love is such an incredible feeling 🙂

What about you? What have you learned from your experiences?

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Since this blog is already essentially about me learning from my experiences, I’ll pose her questions to you readers:

What have you learned from your experiences in dating and relationships?




A Postcard from Ukraine

Julia sent a postcard of Ukrainian embroidery:


Hello Sandra!

This is ‘rushnyk’ and it’s a very precious thing which symbolises love and unity of the family. Girls make it even nowa days and it’s an obligatory accessory at the Ukranian weddings.

Wish you all the best,
Julia from Kyiv

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