Three tiny postcards from Italy

I received these three tiny postcards in a tiny envelope from Italy (quarter-sized coin included for scale). They’re my favorites of this whole postcard project. Read on:


I am so happy to write you! In Italy dating is so warm and sweet! You see many people kissing, hugging and flowers are often a nice gift. I’m going to marry my bf (secret <3) in June, hopefully. Our first date: he gave me a small sunflower… I guessed it was not only a friendly date, but a love date. I was so happy! I was 15 years old, he was 18. Now I’m 27, he is 30! We live together and we have a cat!


Often lovers are like that, in parks cuddling. We usually have dinner out and the man pays. It is common to go to the cinema and kiss in the dark :), walking together hand in hand and hugging. We were dating 1 week and then we decided to be engaged <3. It has been almost 12 years so we would like to marry on the same day as our first date!


Marriage: Commonly the wife is going with her dad and husband with his mother. She goes in a nice old car. We want to do a very private ceremony, maybe only the two of us and two witnessess. My dad died when I was 17, so it would be too sad without him at the “real” ceremony. We’d like the ceremony in the cityhall. The ceremony with parents is so stressfull…

Distance Traveled: 11,736 miles (18,887 kilometers)

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