Data, Actually

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. 

Christmas is in the air and someone, somewhere is watching Love, Actually. Last year, David Robinson at Variance Explained took the entire script and analyzed the social networks within the film. 

With his interactive shiny app you can select a scene and see which characters have interacted with each other up to that point in the movie.

Early on, you see multiple distinct story lines developing.

Scene 7

Scene 7 - Love Actually

As the movie goes on, more and more characters interact.

Scene 38

Scene 38 - Love Actually

By the end of the movie, the social network has become completely entangled, when most of the characters come together at the school Christmas concert.

Scene 57 

Scene 57

Robinson shares his analysis along with all of his R code and even wraps it all up with a nice message. Find it here.

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